Fireworks Drink Coasters in White, Gold & Silver, Set of 4 in a Gift Bag


In stock (can be backordered)



Transitional in style, the beaded Fireworks Coaster gets its design inspiration from the fun and festive celebratory sparks that are often seen lighting up the sky in the summer. Made with silver and gold beads, these round coasters are more than just a protective barrier against condensation and spills. They are a design statement. The unique radiating sparks are created by using a crunch-beading technique, giving the beaded coasters that “wow” factor. Perfect as a hostess gift or for your own home.

DIMENSIONS: 4.5″ Length x 4.5″ Width x 0.25″ Height

CARE: Spot clean with soft tooth brush. Use mild soap and water. Iron on reverse as required.


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