About Us

Make every day an occasion.

It began with a desire to enhance the dining table. With a dream to go beyond the normal and curate every meal with a memorable tablescape.

The Table Fairy was founded with the vision of providing guests with the complete “experience”.

It started with the founders – Lee Grebenau and Sivan Shabat’s mutual love of designing their own table and providing their dinner guests: warm hospitality.

Along the way, perfect hospitality, innovation and originality became the cornerstone of the brand.

As a brand, we want everyone to feel they can add their personal touch to their dining tables. We are a luxury homeware store and we take pride in designing and curating linens, tableware accessories, candles, cutlery, glassware and every essential item for your table.

Our raw materials are carefully sourced from artisans around the world.

Whether you are looking for the latest trends of the season or some styling hack, we’ve got designs to complement any space

You can call or text your favorite fairies, using the methods below:

Kdoshei HaShoa 67, Hertsliya

TEL: 0522535195

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