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Hope Table X Ramat Aviv Mall

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An exceptional and unique collaboration, created to bring our special concept tables to your home.

Creating & Designing boutique events for up to 24 guests.

Design and customization of the table to create a memorable event.

A full package of accessories including tablecloths, placemats, linens, silverware, candles and flowers. All the products are purchased and will remain in the customer’s home.

Personally designed event, custom made to the client.

Enjoy the privilege of having The Table Fairy personally customize your event according to your need, every event will stand out in a unique and personal way, and we’ll make sure that this event will be one to talk about long after.

Additionally, via our collaboration you can have the flower artist Sagi deliver his unique style when designing your event. Enjoy Sagi’s ability to create luxurious and magical moments, filled with chic and style.

We provide anything needed for high-end events, with your personal signature.

You can call or text your favorite fairies, using the methods below:

Kdoshei HaShoa 67, Hertsliya

TEL: 0522535195

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